When Do Things Turn To ‘Drag’

Posted: March 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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When do we drag (in all sense of the term)? The answer would quite simple be ‘When we are pushed to our extreme boundaries’, beyond which we are unable to accept anymore unjust, unfair, unpolished and undermining happenings and things in our lives.

To make it sound loud clear and proper I have used the term ‘Drag’ in bringing out the three (only pertinent) relevant focal points of the word! Firstly when a person is trying hard to pull him/herself against a resistance heavily and slowly (accepting his/her inadequacies, incompetence and societal rejections). Secondly the term finds the urban connect when a person takes a drag as in smoking a spliff, inhaling smoke from a cigarette or a joint. Lastly when a person pushes himself to become a Drag queen, which is often a result of a gay person or a not so manly human not making it to the righteous strata of manhood (read society!).

There are times when we often face life with our natural warmth and intensity, in spite of our balance systems throwing up and falling apart, leaving us hollow and powerless. This is the point when the ‘Dragging’ cause and effect comes to the forefront.

A man not so normal, yet wanting to entertain and have a life cut out for cheers, applauds and companionship beyond the normal human territories, becomes a drag queen. His colorful make-ups and entertaining roles make him an icon. We have read books and watched several films on fictional and real life characters who have opened up their windows by becoming drag queens. But what could be the normal circumstances when a person makes this kind of a career choice. Most certainly rejections, jeering (for a prolonged period) and unacceptability in the ‘mainstream society’ form the superstructure of these people choosing a life as drag queens.

Coming to taking a drag as in taking a leaf meaning a puff of marijuana or weed starts in an innocent attempt of experiment. But in actuality there are various reasons why a person chooses to try it and then continue to make ‘Drag’ his/her life statement. 

Coming to terms with life (which is hard for some and a cakewalk for many) is the sole reason why a person has to drag him/herself to work or in life. In my opinion drag is a way of life and not just a term used in English vocabulary. Pain, anger and obstructions go on to make individuals take a drag, become a drag or drag himself/herself without having any other choice that make them look more human than they already are.


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