Innocent yet hurtful words make for a good cuppa!

Posted: March 17, 2013 in Uncategorized
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A person who loves someone/something (whether it is an art form, object of desire, another person or anything that can be loved and adored) loses the ability to reply, answer back or deny baseless charges put against him. This is a disadvantage for the person and often creates deep scars within him. This also results in a tragedy of errors and irreversible damages.

The person who is madly in love with another person cannot say even one right or hurtful word (which might have been pretty easy when he was not in the love zone with this person). The loving fool becomes a mechanical person trying to not show his feelings and keep moving in life as if nothing can stir him or shake him. But one thing becomes clear that the objects of his desire can do/act/play with his emotions whenever, however and wherever they want to. This universal act of “innocent conspiracy” makes a mince meat out of the dreaming fool.

The question is a tricky one as to why a person lets his wounds out and also mends them all by himself?? Why are revelations so full of pain and strewn with all kinds of unknown troubles and sensations? Why are we humans so vulnerable? By nature we are different from one another but even a strong person guided by love acts foolish. It is important in all the stages of life to not take wrong words/judgments/assumptions from the outside world (even if this means that the actions are coming from a sweetened end!).

Pain acts like an evil twin for love but that is like a norm in life which is somewhat acceptable for a levelheaded person. But why would a reasonable individual become a toy in the hands of his own foolish thoughts, inaction and soft acts? The saddest part of this story is that the person who is in question (the one who hurts with misjudged words) is revered by the sentimental yet logical fool!

  1. Lisette Defoe says:

    Very good! Just blogged too about hurtful words today, actually a poem my daughter wrote.


  2. anganac says:

    thank u lisette. 🙂


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