sunny side of love – a very poor poem

Posted: March 17, 2013 in Uncategorized
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There came this fateful day when sun was all up early and ready to say.

Sun had fixed as ever, but this time rotation was more for love than forever.

The story had started long, but sun had clocked its motion and locked its alarm.

Now it was time for Sun to say the magical ‘I love you’ to moon as the fateful hour struck so soon.

Moon was silent as the dreamless night,

Sun was bright but lost all its foresight!

Earth was there, but all it gave was a blank stare.

Then came the time when moon spoke up, and sun soaked up.

Slowly things got from ugly to normal,

But sun was never to be sunny again.

Sun and moon would speak now and then, as sun broke everything open.

Promises were made on a hardened orbit, as sun asked moon to forget.

Moon was cold, and sun was blank.

Magical love took a dip in the earthy mud as sun promised to forget love,

And all of it came as THUD!

The sun cannot shine right ever since.

There cannot be an end or a beginning, as the fiery sun and the magical moon will never again be grinning.


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