Posted: April 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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proof_proof_of_lifeProof is needed for everything in life. But in reality proof has no roof! We want proof of every word, actions, emotions, thoughts, decisions, aims and goals. What have we come to?! Love, life and the whole process of being asked for proof at every step, corner, path and halt?! Is it a new fad?! Or is my BAD?!  🙂

We often find ourselves in a position where we are left speechless for certain actions that have no meaning. I was quite shocked today when I felt strongly about something and told someone to not do something which I felt could be harmful. Yes, I had no logic or reason to state why I was actually telling the person to do so. But does that mean that every intuition, fears, premonitions and the sole objective to do and feel good for the people who matter to us, need proof and only proof to justify their existence in life?

What has life come to that there is no place to hold our sanity? I often fear that there would soon be a time when people would need a proof to call themselves human!


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