Rape Particle – A briliant Stage Presentation By Spandan Theatre Group

Posted: April 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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‘Rape Particle’!! As shocking as the name goes so was the script, lights, acting and entire presentation by Spandan. Being an awestruck audience I could only applaud with my standing ovation and clapping hands. But nothing could actually match the level of presentation. Drawing a beautiful connection between Higgs-Boson, life, rape and relevance of present times and circumstances.

Brilliant music and acting excellence showed us how rape since ages has been behind the compartments of invisibility. Every particle has to be realized and proved in order to validate their existence much like every woman has to prove herself how she was raped and in the process get raped again and again. There are very few people on earth who believe in the magical existence of particles and how they are able to form lives. Similarly a woman who is raped is hardly believed by the courts, cops and society. After challenging processes of scrutiny, examination, surgery of her life, trauma and existence are verdicts given out.

‘Rape Particle’ has briefly outlined on the age-old practices of rape and its unchanging shadows on women. The presentation spoke well of the Nazi concentration camps and how women were raped within the fine territories of government and politics. The show also added how circumstances have never really changed for women of today’s society who might have apparently grown but the true fangs of the society have remained the same where a woman shouting to bring people under the courts of law have to get maligned more each time she appeals justice for herself.

It was sad to find the show organizers requesting people to put their hands together for support of the show as supposedly there has been threats from the government to ban the show from East. I would request everyone who visit my blog to kindly make it to their last show scheduled to be staged at Girish Mancha on 2nd May, 2013.

‘Rape Particle’ is a visionary stage production and it needs support. The changing winds of today’s time finds relevance in the presentation. It was a great job put together by Spandan to have the courage in speaking out the right quotient of words, actions, thoughts and emotions.

Growing number of rapes in the present times may not decrease but fearless voices might turn our society into a worthier living space. We can always start with a feeling of unity, brotherhood and comfort when we join hands to fight against not just rape but the initial thoughts that produce rape.

  1. Buddhadeb Biswas says:

    I did not have a chance to see this on stage, but I can feel it. I wonder if it will be staged any more or not. What my friends tell me that this was is a superb presentation and stays in your mind for years to come.


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