No Promises

Posted: June 26, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Yes surely there were no promises in whatever there have been… I wish you knew what I am trying to say because I know you understand me inside out. But then, there is a limit to all the things you know and then the things you fail to understand.

However, all that happened (I am not sure whether it was you or some angelic demon!) [no space to bypass the oxymoron coming from a moron like me!] has no promises whatsoever. But my mouth has been left dry of words and expressions ever since we circled out. I hope your brain has this little place, where all the images that do not see the light of the days passing by, that stores every bit of love and tenderness that we share/shared in our lives.

Your denials will always be innocent because there were ‘no promises’ (okay! i know how repetitive i have become ever since you have toggled time and again between my heart and mind.) from your end.

There is a tiny piece of fragmented imagination that my heart tricks me into believing and that is – you were/are mine and you know/knew it well. You hold yourself responsible for the ‘murk’ created in the recent times but you are equally sorry for making ‘no promises.’

Staring blankly at things, situations and happenings that I connect well with, have been happening ever since you touched me in all aspects. I know I have been a jerk and a weird presence but then I also know that there were ‘No Promises’!



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