Peace Stands A Chance When Love is Lost

Posted: March 1, 2016 in give peace a chance, peace and love
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give peace a chance

There are times when we fail to answer even the simplest of questions put forward by life. I for one have lost all heat and cold on the question of love. As of now all that I hold important is peace. Being in a state of nausea (due to a two month  dishevelment) has allowed me to put my faith on peace as always.

These are possibly the darkest hours of our generation as there is little chance given to peace. How can love exist when we are unwilling to give peace a chance? We can start by saying a hello to the loneliest. While walking down the streets a smile can light up some unknown faces. Little acts of peace will bring back the true meaning of love.

Love will no more be if peace processes are lost in the dark alleys of time. We must keep the faith and start spreading the joys of peace to bring back love – as we start to understand that love and peace co-exist and without one the other will never be…


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