Monoganigma – The enigma of monogamy

Posted: March 3, 2016 in monoganigma, Uncategorized
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one_love.gif‘Monoganigma’ – Yes I for one want to put forward the term created by me as I believe in it dearly. There is nothing more enigmatic than having one’s partner/spouse/lover only to her/himself. Monogamy breathes more life to rugged living of the modern times.

Monogamy has its own charm, whatever happened to that, is unknown to me. I still remember my lost self in a monogamous field of existence. However the intensity has somewhat faded with the constant erosion of emotions.

The term Monoganigma is coined by me keeping in mind a few belief systems and related senses such as loyalty, faith, love for one, one love, belief in oneself and in another, sense of security, trust and beauty of life.

As I start and end my times of non-entity I keep on moving on scattered peaces of monogamy and enigma surrounding it. My sole plea to humanity is to spread the joys of monoganigma to truly understand and welcome ‘one love’. Loving your partner without having to rethink on your decision will show up once we start sharing and following the feeling of monoganigma within us and in others!


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