VR is becoming a blazing reality

Posted: March 9, 2016 in mobile technology
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vr.jpgVR or virtual reality is gaining an upper hand with today’s generation. Each day I get to see at least two people in my office wearing new set of VR lenses and testing their video experiences. I for one have been a party to it and have thoroughly felt myself being transported to a  brand new world (which is more personal and private.)

There are a million possibilities surrounding VR that are being pondered upon by researchers. VR was initially developed to enjoy gaming and video watching. However new dimensions have developed on the virtual reality front which has started entering the real world. With HTC Vive there will be mixed reality experiences. With Oculus Rift and Google  Cardboard becoming a rage in the VR gaming world there are numerous other real world possibilities that are being talked about.

Online schooling options, Household chores (with the help of VR headset controls and sensors) , banking and a wide range of real world work can be carried out. The only thing that we can wait for is the right time when the right set of VR headsets and technicalities go on to conquer real world actions.

Possibilities of the virtual world are soon to blend with the real world VR actions.

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