Love is our only power

Posted: March 22, 2016 in peace and love
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love is all powerful

No matter what we do in life the only way we can all be powerful is by loving our fellow humans. Most of us realize this late in life but the truth is ‘Love is our only power’ . It will never make us complete if we keep accumulating wealth and power. The day we start loving for no reason will be the day when we realize our inner power.

I am not shameful in claiming that I have failed in relationships badly, I have failed in in my career numerous times, that I have also failed to achieve academic feats. But in claiming my failures I never fail to claim my success in spreading love. I have always been (or felt like I am) the torch bearer of love. Since childhood I had this strange urge to bring smile into people’s lives (people of all age groups).

I never counted on the whys and whos in love. I loved solely to spread the innate joys of love. Now that I am growing old and weak, I have this growing need to spread the message that ‘Love is our only power.’ There is no other way to conquer the world. Love is all powerful and when we become all powerful there will be no need for war, hatred, weapons and madness of building empires.


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