With the Rain Comes the Time of Truth

Posted: March 30, 2016 in rain

Rains are an easy way of revealing oneself to the unknown. Too much of everything (pain, extravagance, struggle, unhappy trails and suppressed emotions) sees an end as the rains wash away all unwanted dirt, dust and nothingness. We often fail to realize and admit how rain forces us to face our realities and release them before journeying upon liberated whirls, free twirls and maddening turns…. –


midnight_rainJust when you close your laptop, push your chair to leave for the day,

Crackles of the beautiful skies warm you up for an exciting ride back home.

You look for sudden stops to get washed in the cold soothing splatters,

As you drift yourself from the rush,

Taking turns in getting changed with momentary hues of the heavenly rain.

You realize your wings, as you spread your arms,

In complete faith…

…And you take a leap,

To get drenched from within, But alas, your wings fail you,

And you reach the unknown, only to come out of the wet midnight.


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