All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. – Walt Disney

Pursuing our careers will never be sufficient in making us complete if we fail to dream and chase our dreams. Dreams are our subconscious desires and extreme hopes to make it big. Now, there might be dreams that are necessarily not ways to achieve bigger things in life. There can be earnest dreams that might relate to a certain happening or a segment of life that we may have failed to think when we are awake. Then again there are dreams that are experienced with our eyes wide open!  🙂



Dreams are representation of our innate desires, passions and aims. Letting go of our dreams or keeping our feet grounded at all points of life is a path that is best to be left alone. We humans have our shortcomings and if we ever forget to dream then all we become is a lesser human, somewhat of a robot.

We must dream big or else the foundation of a DREAM is lost in the process! 🙂 To be more precise why dream less when there is so much to dream of and so little time to play around with them.

My point here is, chasing seems complete only when the object of desire is big enough to determine my intent, intensity and aim. So I would request you all to dream it big or leave dreaming once and for all. Life becomes meaningful only when one chooses to dream or else there grows a void full of unwanted negativeness and senses of failure. Dream is a pious way to keep ourselves afloat in the midst of all the hustle that engulfs us pointing towards destruction of sorts.


dream_bigThis is what life taught me yet again in the past few weeks. That is the same reason why I came back to share my thoughts on this. A couple of weeks back I took my goals, dreams and aspirations way too lightly and let myself go with a somewhat vicious flow of time. I started taking a route which meant I would let go of myself completely – let go of my ideals, beliefs, philosophies and character. I met someone and took a rash decision of settling down – but soon I realized, this was the biggest mistake I was doing. I started hurting a few people around me, not thinking about what I was actually doing!

Such was the rush from the strangers (whom I just met) that I was getting very little time to assess on my ways of life (that I have lived by so far in my life!). However, the day of revelations came by. I came home dead drunk and saw my mother, with tears in her eyes. I was not in my senses to act sober but still I could sense that there were people shouting in my place. Much later in the night I realized it was all about my rash decisions and the way I was not thinking about about my career, goals and passions, but the way I was throwing everything up for a relationship that I myself did not count in high value! 

Then I decided to confront a friend of mine who made me understand (things I very well knew but failed to stress upon.) that nothing good comes by when a person rushes on things. I also understood that I was being wrongly influenced to take on a step in life that was useless. I took time off with myself (as I always do) for a couple of days and decided that ‘I will never let go myself’ – no matter what! As an individual no one should ever do that as it would mean killing one’s own desires, dreams and ways of life. 

The best thing I could ever do (even as a failed poet! 🙂 ) was to dream, and keep on dreaming as that was my world where no one could encroach or intervene, even my parents. That has been the case with me for my entire life. How could I not see these things? However, the best part about life’s teachings is the simple ways you see yourself learning, without hurting anyone, most importantly without damaging your very own SELF – the epicenter of your life’s journey. 

I thank my cosmos, my parents, good vibes around me (no matter how little they come) and my strength of character that have helped me in stabilizing myself. ‘I’ must be counted in every step we take in life. This is what I learned yet again, and so beautifully! 🙂


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The Butterfly

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It went all black as no noise could be heard.

I tried not to act too casual but then came the dancing butterfly. butterfly.jpg

I had nothing to ride back on your words,

But there came the butterfly

with all the dreamy hues it left me high

and I had no words but a fazed out smile left for me to ride back on your words again.

Blackened notes turned right

as came the soothing sounds of joy along with the butterfly buoy.

And I was left with a pause that never wishes to ready itself up

against the noisy world.

I heave on the colourful dreams,

passed on to me by the sweet butterfly.


Letting out oneself from the comforting loops,

Setting on unknown trails and bending roads

That turn on unknown turns.

Best ways shoot up and the bright lights come up

Just when the known shouts choose to bury us in their known hollow circles.

We will stand by the shriveling traveler selves,

As long as the final lights go out on us ….

Seen from the unknown watch tower, 

that loomed across unknown borders of the green pastures.

We wait with bated breath, 

As you struggle to join us 

Before the last train chugs past all your dreams and destinies.

With the Rain Comes the Time of Truth

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Rains are an easy way of revealing oneself to the unknown. Too much of everything (pain, extravagance, struggle, unhappy trails and suppressed emotions) sees an end as the rains wash away all unwanted dirt, dust and nothingness. We often fail to realize and admit how rain forces us to face our realities and release them before journeying upon liberated whirls, free twirls and maddening turns…. –


midnight_rainJust when you close your laptop, push your chair to leave for the day,

Crackles of the beautiful skies warm you up for an exciting ride back home.

You look for sudden stops to get washed in the cold soothing splatters,

As you drift yourself from the rush,

Taking turns in getting changed with momentary hues of the heavenly rain.

You realize your wings, as you spread your arms,

In complete faith…

…And you take a leap,

To get drenched from within, But alas, your wings fail you,

And you reach the unknown, only to come out of the wet midnight.

Label her down

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242246-alisha-abdullahA poem influenced by Alisha Abdullah, her talent, skill as a brilliant racer and a great fighting spirit.

I know how hard you want me to fall down,

when your wheels crush past my bones.

I see that red but I have seen more.

And all you are has left nothing for me to say.

I take my wheels and bear a promise today,

To get up and ride past your dirt, every time you start riding beside me. 

If you ever live high, we will meet, right here,

In the midst of all wheels, bone of steel and egos of iron.