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The last few days seemed like an era, and the era has seemingly come to an end. I always thought and believed that the ones who leave us or we choose to leave behind never come back and even if they do they never stay back only to leave us empty yet again, like they always do, once their unknown purpose is served. Till the time comes when I figure out that why is there that one person in my life who comes back every now and then only to leave me in the midst of nowhere after doing all that is done, I will have to cover myself up in the blanket of blankness that surrounds me….

black_holeThe only thing that I have realized this time, is that the fact that my friend is in similar mortal pain that I am in because there is no other way to explain the indefinite break and silence that has been chosen…

A true blanket of blankness can be caused by severe pain, a grinding numbness that throws you off the course and you have no cards in your hand to play your daily moves…. – You become a walking dead! Probably this is required every now and then for 7s (in terms of numerology) like us to understand and value life’s depths and intensities on order to let go of it all! I say 7 because sadly we are the ones who feel, observe, see, assess, analyse, take the onus and understand life’s mysteries like no other number. This is the reason why in the end of it all we choose to remain loners and become complete sages (abstaining from all forms of human emotions and connecting with the bigger entities like the cosmos…).

Every human must try each day to abstain from regular emotions, beliefs and philosophies and start welcoming mysteries of life, the greater depths of knowledge and revelations in life as a whole. Our spiritual world must be aroused in order to become a good listener, a true observer, proper guide and silent path breaker. Till we attain all that let us also smilingly learn to enjoy the warm ‘Blanket of Blankness’.


I may sound somewhat cryptic, but accept the way I am! I would not prefer to be any different. Bye Bye … Do I say Blackbird or Miss American Pie. There was light. There was a blinding light. There was lightning pace. There was a mind’s ongoing race. But Alas, the thread could not pull up the Blackbird or the American Pie.

Running fast. Who knows how long will this last. Singing the Cryptic Blues with Glory. This is my same old Cryptic Story.

I dunno where it all ends. The endless surprises by the fiend. Freeing up my disk space, to buy time for the mind’s race.

The blinding lights flicker now and then. Where do I go when there is no lane? I have been to hell, but I got a glimpse of heaven… Just a few aeons (they do seem like aeons) back, there was a streak of flashing light, full on track.

But now it seems like, all was not meant to be. Bye Bye … Do I say Blackbird or Miss American Pie… Nothing was and never is meant to be.

There was a blinding light. There was lightning pace. There was a mind’s ongoing race. Nothing was meant to be. Nothing is ever meant to be.

Pardon all, if I do sound cryptic but the mystic trait of the cryptic race is an ongoing thing. Cryptic Blues will always be, like it was born to be…