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When you see the setting sun

Posted: December 16, 2016 in sun, Unknown
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setting-sunIt gives me immense pleasure to watch the sun go down on me, yesterday, today and maybe day after today! For the past few days I have been watching over my cubicle window where the setting sun can be beautifully captured and enjoyed for quite some time.

Setting sun has a fine mix of melancholy and joy. As soon as the winter afternoon sun starts to go down, I start to think on the day’s chores, missed agendas and upcoming resolutions. But what I fail to understand is the strange blend of feelings that cannot be rightly assessed. Sun being my ruling star (according to by natal charts) I believe in its strong presence in my life.

Whenever there has been a ‘shipwreck’ in my life, I have beamed back with added zeal in no time, much like the sun that goes down, yet comes back the very next morning with added life and vigour!

I am sure all of you must have felt something strange (a rush of emotions, feelings or an unknown line of thought that has remained impossible to ascertain as to why it has come up!) whenever you have witnessed the blissful setting sun…


downloadWhen do we attain the ultimate state of PEACE? I would like to answer this simple question in an equally simple manner. There might be a million philosophies and preaching that will suggest ways to attain peace. They most definitely show us some great ways to liberate ourselves. But in our daily lives it often becomes difficult to maintain sanity and most importantly hold ourselves together in our constant quest for life and existence. Peace is within our body and mind and the only way to become peaceful is to accept the disturbances surrounding us.

The moment we accept, allow and acknowledge the grievances, shortcomings and disturbances in our daily lives we free our mind. Peace is never to put an effort in avoiding pain, annoyances, sufferings, commotion and disturbances. Peace is but a state of mind that KNOWS it all!

By accepting and allowing disturbances we choose to give importance to our inner peace. There can be no good done without acknowledging the existence of the bad or the evil.

Let us consider these points:

  • Without noise we will never hear.
  • Without smelling a bad odor we will not be able to smell a beautiful aroma.
  • Without experiencing a bad sight we will not get to an enjoyable scene.

Quite similarly without accepting the disturbances existing in our lives we can never be peaceful. Finding peace in ourselves is possible, not by ignoring or avoiding all the commotion, disorder and disturbances but by overcoming them in spite of their existences.

So from today onward let us choose to remain AT PEACE and we will never fail to attain the state of enlightenment.

mind.jpgWe have often found questioning ourselves – how to channelize our mind? Soon after identifying the ‘object’ of our desires (the purest form of clarity and stability) we start to question on our next step.

The ‘object’ of our ascertainment being identified needs sharpening. Once we have successfully  opened our minds we need to form a firm shape or a clear picture. In order to attain this we need to imagine the nature of our inner light, the ultimate connection with the supreme power (whether outside or inside our aura).

Transforming our anger, sadness and all other harmful energies is a difficult process. We need to be patient while silently observing our mind’s movement. In every effort we put in this journey we must not repress our emotions, instead let it flow naturally without acting upon it. Negativeness will bring in more of it we can just wait and allow it to rise without doing anything about it.

The moment we become sad or angry we must start meditating. Any form of negative energy is powerful mass of energy and we must not waste too much time by neglecting it. By meditating we will be able to neutralize our energy. It will be an extremely slow process but the wheels will turn and our moods will change.

Transformation from negative to positive will require a lot of forgetting. Nothing in this world is constant – neither harm, happiness nor sadness or anger.  The more we reduce our excitement the more we will be closer to channelizing our mind.

While meditating (with an innate goal to channelize our mind)  we must not forget that our mind and body are well connected. So we need to have a proper posture while performing meditation. Tight postures will make our minds heavier so we need to loosen our body by relaxing our muscles.

Investigating our experiences and observing our doubts will gradually sober our mind. Initially we will be able to take part in short sessions of meditation which will turn into longer ones as our minds become stable.

Forgetting the object will bring in blocks in the paths of our meditation. Practicing stability will arouse the spiritual awareness of our being and the being of the entire universe. We will then start processing our path to liberation.

deleting_memoriesHow hard is it to erase somebody’s existence from your life? We can choose to cut off all the social networking ties yet remain largely unsuccessful in deleting a person completely from our lives. We need to put in real efforts in doing so, if we are not the people who do not feel anything even when they meet or greet their friends with whom they have fallen out. I belong to the race which does not believe in keeping any kind of contact whatsoever with the one who has cheated on me, taken me down, hurt me for a longer time than we remained friends, etc. 

Saddest part of this reality is the fact that deleting images, notes, texts and contact details are not enough. We need to erase their memories. I consider myself to be a considerably calm person and my efforts have been so far a bit of a success. I have started blocking my own thoughts whenever memories come by. This is one hell of a process. These are people and moments we are talking about, not some random stranger talk. Our effort in deleting someone from our life is solely to let ourselves enjoy peace and the sheer happiness of existence. Life is a constant commotion and why do we need to keep hurting our inner peace? We must release ourselves from all forms of memories attached to these people who have made us feel low in life at some point or the other. 

We are tiny parts of the bigger universe and we have significant roles to play in our lives. We must not hinder that process by crying over past moments and memories. I am not suggesting to avoid memories but what I am trying to say is the fact that we must not think of the bad things. We must let go of all things negative as they hurt US.

WE, US, ME, – These are important as long as they do not make us shallow individuals. Pride and ego are important to make a character stronger, bigger and mightier. We have arrived as sole (and supreme too) entities and our life path will determine our  liberation. A soul is what matters and our only goal is to liberate it from the clutches of negativity, evil, bad blood and bad intent. Only then shall we attain enlightenment. 

What is true awakening? Is it seeing, letting one’s thoughts flow or is it never forgettingawakening our very self in each deed we do throughout the day? There will never be anyone around to teach how to awaken our soul, the true territories of consciousness as one has to find his own path.

Let us take an example. Taking a long walk (more like the one taken by P. D. Ouspensky in Saint Petersburg) while never forgetting our own existence will do the trick. At some point or the other we might lose our very intent of ‘not to forget our existence’! What I want to say is the very fact that we tend to forget ourselves while doing everyday chores starting from chatting, house-cleaning to working at office or eating, drinking and other trivial or important works. Even while we think we forget our existence. It is an everyday process (more like a practice) to remember our existence.

When we start remembering ourselves (every single moment) we will get close to awakening our souls. We must observe our senses, watch our minds, track our emotions, feelings, realize our pain and happiness, observe our instincts and impulses in order to remain conscious. We tend to see an object or a place and start connecting with it. In doing so we forget ourselves. We must never get fascinated or attached to any occurrence in our lives. If we attain this we will attain the feat of being awakened.

Controlling our mind is more like an exercise and an everyday pursuit and I am sure with earnest efforts we will ‘not forget ourselves’. This is our ultimate goal as nothing else matters. Realizing and enlightening our souls require hard work – harder than loving, talking, leading our lives, working, taking care of relationships and our families. For humans living in the troubled times like today it will be difficult to focus on this exercise but we can can chant this everyday – ‘Let’s not forget ourselves as we inch towards Awakening’ and we will never fail ourselves!  🙂

soul_searchingIt was the onset of summer. Soon after a sleepless night came a bright sunny day when promises were to be made. At least that is how it all felt. I could hear my heartbeat with each footstep (that inclined towards being fast yet timid). Never did I feel this way but how would I ever know that this feeling existed if I would not have joined my friend for a hearty day out.

As the day progressed urge for more alcohol and less of intense conversation engulfed me. I was failing from within as I could feel I had nothing to give out and nothing left to take it in. I never knew how it feels to fail from within. Being a person who talks with oneself most of the times, this came as a rude shock because  life has taken a turn that I have never experienced before.

One who has been cheated, failed, demeaned and maligned by others will probably be the one who would start having this feeling of failing from within. There have been numerous previous instances of failure in similar lines but I somehow believe that an end to all that strikes only when the heart has seen it all!  I think whenever somebody realizes his/her true self he/she actually comes to an end in realizing all the hurts, pains and existential dramas of life. This is where a person’s true journey of life begins. The individual at this point starts following an unknown path of existence where he/she finds no connection to known emotions, sentiments, failures, pains and dis-harmonies. This is where, I believe, starts the concept of soul searching… to reach a destination that is apparently unknown to us… but with time …. becomes more known than any other ways of our lives.

From the point of soul searching we start identifying our soul, that needs release. For this our only quest in life can be, finding  connection with our-self. In our circle of life we often forget to connect with ourselves, remaining busy in all futile things of existential drama. But when we start doing this, there remains no bigger joy.

Fauvism bent mind

Posted: November 25, 2009 in Uncategorized
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You got it right. Since Yesterday I have started believing that I have turned (probably) into a FAUVE. I am terming myself a fauve, because I have stopped acting to the emphasized modern concepts, the notable madness and the simplified designs of the complex human mind maps. It is of course irrelevant to even speak of the change in nature. Since wild beasts are the ones who pump intensity and meaning to the meaningless society anyway, so I thought my thought sharing would be held in context.

I am turning into a real Fauve. I have even stopped expressing in terms. Rather I have taken up a non-naturalistic vibrant mode of primary focus. The focus is on life and times at the moment. Unlike a Fauve my focus is not yet shifted towards Inspiration and Impression. Although my motif is presently based on uncontrolled, intense and abrasive juvenile styles and patterns, but I promise to come up soon with more expression. Deviating from being a Fauve would be somewhat difficult but since the foundation is on a rocking stone, I will have to go separate ways.

I do not know whether this would be an inspiration ever, but my quest would be to bring out an Impression or an Expression of some kind. As we know that Fauvism was a short lived movement which dissipated. Expressionism and Impressionism (I am talking in line with the mind’s movement! I am a nobody in Art.) made it possible for the Fauves to come to the light. I might sound absurd but I know that someday my words will fall into the right ears. That day we will rejoice. Our society will be full of more Fauves to bring out the hidden fire. Fauves will never die. Fauves and Fauvism might be a forgotten identity but till my mind is bent on it, the fire will be there.

The quest of a Fauvism bent mind is an evergreen thing. Damage of the mind is possible only when the Fauve is willing.