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When you see the setting sun

Posted: December 16, 2016 in sun, Unknown
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setting-sunIt gives me immense pleasure to watch the sun go down on me, yesterday, today and maybe day after today! For the past few days I have been watching over my cubicle window where the setting sun can be beautifully captured and enjoyed for quite some time.

Setting sun has a fine mix of melancholy and joy. As soon as the winter afternoon sun starts to go down, I start to think on the day’s chores, missed agendas and upcoming resolutions. But what I fail to understand is the strange blend of feelings that cannot be rightly assessed. Sun being my ruling star (according to by natal charts) I believe in its strong presence in my life.

Whenever there has been a ‘shipwreck’ in my life, I have beamed back with added zeal in no time, much like the sun that goes down, yet comes back the very next morning with added life and vigour!

I am sure all of you must have felt something strange (a rush of emotions, feelings or an unknown line of thought that has remained impossible to ascertain as to why it has come up!) whenever you have witnessed the blissful setting sun…


The Secret Of NO secret

Posted: March 24, 2016 in Uncategorized
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my_secretOne chooses to let go,

Of the moments so deeply cherished.

When offered a seat right next to the love door,

The moments choose to stay.

I had no secret, to wrap you around everything I see and do.

But when you said you had no secret but the desire to love me till the end,

I faltered, mumbled and failed to hold myself,

Till I started leaving my secrets, and living you,

But then came a time, when I found you in someone’s arms,

And now I know how I never wrapped you around me,

As my life has a bigger secret, a story that replaces my scar,

A bright light that is unknown but I see even from afar…