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deleting_memoriesHow hard is it to erase somebody’s existence from your life? We can choose to cut off all the social networking ties yet remain largely unsuccessful in deleting a person completely from our lives. We need to put in real efforts in doing so, if we are not the people who do not feel anything even when they meet or greet their friends with whom they have fallen out. I belong to the race which does not believe in keeping any kind of contact whatsoever with the one who has cheated on me, taken me down, hurt me for a longer time than we remained friends, etc. 

Saddest part of this reality is the fact that deleting images, notes, texts and contact details are not enough. We need to erase their memories. I consider myself to be a considerably calm person and my efforts have been so far a bit of a success. I have started blocking my own thoughts whenever memories come by. This is one hell of a process. These are people and moments we are talking about, not some random stranger talk. Our effort in deleting someone from our life is solely to let ourselves enjoy peace and the sheer happiness of existence. Life is a constant commotion and why do we need to keep hurting our inner peace? We must release ourselves from all forms of memories attached to these people who have made us feel low in life at some point or the other. 

We are tiny parts of the bigger universe and we have significant roles to play in our lives. We must not hinder that process by crying over past moments and memories. I am not suggesting to avoid memories but what I am trying to say is the fact that we must not think of the bad things. We must let go of all things negative as they hurt US.

WE, US, ME, – These are important as long as they do not make us shallow individuals. Pride and ego are important to make a character stronger, bigger and mightier. We have arrived as sole (and supreme too) entities and our life path will determine our  liberation. A soul is what matters and our only goal is to liberate it from the clutches of negativity, evil, bad blood and bad intent. Only then shall we attain enlightenment. 


I may sound somewhat cryptic, but accept the way I am! I would not prefer to be any different. Bye Bye … Do I say Blackbird or Miss American Pie. There was light. There was a blinding light. There was lightning pace. There was a mind’s ongoing race. But Alas, the thread could not pull up the Blackbird or the American Pie.

Running fast. Who knows how long will this last. Singing the Cryptic Blues with Glory. This is my same old Cryptic Story.

I dunno where it all ends. The endless surprises by the fiend. Freeing up my disk space, to buy time for the mind’s race.

The blinding lights flicker now and then. Where do I go when there is no lane? I have been to hell, but I got a glimpse of heaven… Just a few aeons (they do seem like aeons) back, there was a streak of flashing light, full on track.

But now it seems like, all was not meant to be. Bye Bye … Do I say Blackbird or Miss American Pie… Nothing was and never is meant to be.

There was a blinding light. There was lightning pace. There was a mind’s ongoing race. Nothing was meant to be. Nothing is ever meant to be.

Pardon all, if I do sound cryptic but the mystic trait of the cryptic race is an ongoing thing. Cryptic Blues will always be, like it was born to be…