Posted: November 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

Morning never really shows the day. Opened up my Pandora’s Box today. I heaved a sigh of relief. After all it takes nothing to be content (I use content instead of happiness because the latter one is a very strong word indeed). Holding on to my horses for the long roads I foresee!

Today’s morning broke like the first morning. Roger Whittaker was in my head all through. Was reading a comment by Hugh Grant who supposedly has started believing that he should commit suicide. Grant is one of my favourite actors who has made be relax in the gloomiest days of my life. Hugh please stay on and hold on (Just like I have been doing) and let’s be together in this one. We are on similar boats where the MASQUERADE is just killing us. How I understand where you and I stand. Don’t lose it now, don’t pass it off at this moment, because we’ll stay forever this way and the lights are gonna fall in the tunnel we are trudging through.

Masquerade it is. We are playing it so very well. Day in and day out, we will learn to play the game – Masquerade is the name to blame.

Sorry Karen (Carpenters), I had no intention to hurt your soul. Your songs have always kept me alive and go for the shots. But the heavier feelings, which emanate so blatantly from your good ole songs, blind me at times and make me asphyxiate. Besides that, You (Karen) know that I will be the biggest fan of your heart rending music. Till I find a way out, I will have to do with all this Masquerading cause and effects…


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